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Annique’s Essense Treatment range for every skin care concern.

Essense Energising Eye Gel is a light, quick absorbing, non-oily eye gel, formulated with HaloxylTM which promotes firmness and helps to improve dark circles and minimise localised inflammation.

Also contains EyelissTM, with peptide technology, which aids in the reduction of puffiness and improvement of circulation, firmness, tone and elasticity. Contains Rooibos extract for its antioxidant properties.

Annique’s Lifting Essence for Neck and Bust contains and exclusive complex of naturally derived ingredients to help tighten, lift and firm your skin. The neck and bust are highly exposed, vulnerable areas that often betray a woman’s age sooner than any other part of her body.

The skin on the neck and bust area also have different needs than that of your face and the rest of the body. Lifting Essence helps even skin tone, promote a smoother complexion and assists the skin in recovering its elasticity and firmness. The effect is lifting and firming where the cream has been applied.