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Annique’s Fine Fragrance range has the ability to lift our spirits and enhance our mood.

Wearing the right fragrance can inspire love, help someone appear more confident or even assist in securing an interview or job. It is the fastest and simplest way to let your personality speak without saying a word. The connection between our sense of smell and emotions is founded on the evolution of our brain with the two being intrinsically linked. Annique’s Beauty Fine Fragrance range for both men and women offers a magnificent array of choices for your fragrance wardrobe.

180° EAU DE TOILETTE (Dry Woods) A masculine, fresh, spicy fragrance for the adventurous man who defies conventional rules. He chooses his own direction and navigates by plotting his own course. Fresh citrus, green apple, thyme and basil notes integrate with spicy middle notes of cedar, clove and sage, on a foundation of earthy bottom notes of sandalwood and moss.

Delight Eau de Parfum an exclusive fine fragrance. It’s a hypnotic blend of exotic fruits and flowers, green leaves and grapefruit. It is a fresh fragrance that will make you feel even more gorgeous than you already are. Delight is fun, light and encompasses everything that an Annique woman is. She is friendly, positive and confident. She enjoys life and brightens up any room. She makes you feel good about yourself. She is delightful to be around.